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Which careers am I capable of pursuing?

Well, it is hardly a problem unique to you. Unfortunately, about 70% of the students entering college are confused about their skill sets and where their potentials lie.

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Which college should I choose for my course?

You’re not alone in this either. Choosing one out of the 11,000 colleges in our country offering over 10,000 courses can be overwhelmingly confusing for anyone.

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Which courses/ careers am I really interested in?

Most students are not equipped with the right information about what college-level courses truly entail. Did you know that Psychology courses also include Statistics?

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What careers/courses can I choose if my marks are low?

There are 112 careers and over 60 vocational courses that you can opt for even if your academic scores are not high. Including graphic designing, hotel management, cosmetology, electrical engineering and many more!

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Making choices about one’s career are high stakes decisions,
especially to figure out on your own.

Well, rest easy, because you do not have to do it alone!

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With the help of our rich and extensive database, we help you choose careers that are best suited to your potential. We also offer a range of tests to accurately uncover your innate potential and specific interests to guide your career goals.

Career Counselling now only at ₹ 3999

₹ 1999


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