Career Counselling

Career counselling is a domain of counselling that focuses on helping individuals find the right career pathway. In career counselling the individuals receive guidance from professional counselors that provide expert advice on the potentials, aptitude, motivations, skills and shortcomings with the use of carefully designed assessment tools. These assessments tools are both subjective and objective. After carefully studying the individuals interests and aptitude, career counselors guide individuals to set their career goals.


The interest-aptitude test is an ability test that measures specific competencies in multiple aspects. It contrasts the multiple skill sets and preferences present in a person. This gives an occupational profile to understand the varying facets and individual strengths and areas that need to be developed.

IQ test


Aptitude test

The aptitude test is used to chart one’s developed or developing skills and interests. It basically refers to one’s ability to do certain kinds of work. The aptitude is the most popular and time-tested assessment conducted during the academic period and for corporate management as well.

Who should take the Aptitude Test?

Children and Students++

The earlier one starts, the better it is. One can build their future smartly using a Psychometric Test.

Schools and Colleges++

Knowing the traits and trajectory of students and faculty is important to plan the visions and resources.

Working Professionals++

Selecting the right field and getting success in it while balancing the personal life becomes easier.

Corporate Firms++

Recruiting right and managing mindfully is what every office can benefit from, after all it is teamwork.