DMIT Test for Corporates

DMIT Test for Corporates

Brainwonders DMIT test is often used to understand oneself but is also pivotal for one to understand the people around them and their situations. Using the test is very popular even for self-exploration of their consciousness and how it is responded to any other- making it an extremely popular choice for people everywhere at any age.

DMIT Test for Employees

In today’s world most of the organisations, be it from any industry, make sure that they give their employees a DMIT test and understand their innate characteristics that will help them understand what is the stronghold of the employee and therefore which department they should be working with. The DMIT test is trending now as it is easily accessible for individuals and anyone who can access the internet. It also gives instant results and it is also accurate as there is less chances of human error involved. The descriptions and the details also help the examinee understand their results well.

As per a survey published in HR in Asia, 60% of Indian Employees are dissatisfied with their current jobs and a whopping 80% of them are looking out for a job change. Job Satisfaction 2016 survey by Times Jobs also brought out similar results. On the other hand, another article published in 2013 in The Hindu Business Line, proclaims that 91% of the workers are not psychologically invested in their work- leaving the company in a worried mess. Thus, the DMIT test is a highly sought after assessment in the corporate world and provides several insights that are adopted for human resource development and management.


DMIT Test for Corporate is extremely useful for SWOT Analysis. The SWOT technique has been taken from the corporate world, where companies look at their strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. Now a days, working individuals use it for their personal use and write down their strengths, weakness, opportunities and the threats that they will face if they make a specific career and even personal choices:

DMIT Test for Corporates
Recruiting the right candidate

The DMIT analysis is extremely popular during the hiring phase and its results are often used alongside the interview process.It helps with thoughts, behaviour, ethical orientation and several professionally desirable traits like commitment and dedication.

Building a great team
Building a great team

Knowing the various traits and characteristics via a DMIT test helps the employer to blend the people with complimentary traits and create an all-star workforce which pushes growth and improves group cohesion.

Match the candidate to the job
Match the candidate to the job

As the DMIT test also lists out the ideal career profiles for an employee, the employer can utilise and maximise the talent of the several team members by giving them suitable opportunities in a specific field.

Training and motivation
Training and motivation

Identifying the working style, learning methods, stressors and goals of the employee helps the senior to motivate and inspire the subordinates to enhance their talents.

Leadership and soft skills
Leadership and soft skills

Any company in any field move forwards with good leaders. Even traits like creativity, pragmatism, cooperation are desirable. Thus, a DMIT test profile comes in handy to select and cultivate future leaders.

Employee retention
Employee retention

Attrition is a big challenge for any corporate firm. Thus, one can use the DMIT analysis to build a supportive environment and also identify and address any concerns faced by the human resource of any company


Given the fact that the employees form the lifeline of any company, DMIT Test proves useful in many aspects:

Why DMIT Test For Employees

Pre employment screening

Find the exact right person for your right job

Discover employees’ possibilities, efficiency & effectiveness

Evaluate your current manager’s performances & core competencies

HR training & development based on Employee Abilities

Know your employee Leadership Style and qualities

Know your internal abilities your employee’s

Reduce operating cost & maximize corporate value

Know your employee Personal Quotients

Know your employee Planning and delivery style

Develop an all star employees

Reorganize the employed pool for high productivity

Entrust your staff member who has got the most potential

Improve human resources & customer management more efficiently

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is generated in the human fingers, palms, toes, and feet rose on the lines. Born in finger dermatoglyphics, called "fingerprint", and born in striae on the palm of your hand is called "palm." In the genetic counselling related to science Jieyou Description: The person's skin texture in the 13th week of embryonic development to 19 weeks of the formation of the brain are synchronous growth lines and striae. After the formation of striae, life unchanged.

Can the Dermatoglyphics test help me?

Dermatoglyphics tests can help us understand people that are being tested the following five items: first, the structure of the superior order of brain function; second, learning how to operate a keen ability; third, visual, auditory, somatosensory learning the proper channels; Fourth, learning and education, communication patterns; fifth, eight multi-intelligence potential. In fact, every child has unique qualifications and potential, but often parents do not understand the child's abilities. Dermatoglyphics tests can help parents understand their children's clear mind and brain cells, the distribution function of strength, grasp the child's unique qualities and potential, and develop as soon as possible. Besides that, learns how children should be given the proper learning environment so that we can follow according to the child's personality characteristics and the mode of communication for him/her to achieve the function of raising a child's mind in order to enhance the learning outcomes.

Is Dermatoglyphics testing scientific or Medical basic?

Both. Dermatoglyphics is based on many scientists; medical scientists of "genetics", "Embryology", "Dermatoglyphics" "brain science" and other science-based, and the use of observation, recording, contrast, inductive learning methods, and then coupled with clinical experience, and finally concluded that: From the striae we can accurately analyze the child's multiple intelligences and potential personality.

Is Dermatoglyphics testing Palm Reading or Palmistry?

No, striae test is based on the most advanced scientific and medical research as a root. Besides that, Dermatoglyphics testing refers to the growth in human hands, protruding ridges on the soles of the feet, which is a lifetime constant; and palm readers are targeted at handheld staff recessed lines which keep changing over a period of time.

Is the Dermatoglyphics test is not an IQ test?

Dermatoglyphics test is not an IQ test, where DMIT is an intelligent narrowing definition of striae test of multiple intelligences include linguistic intelligence, logical and mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, body - kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, introspective intelligence, and last but not least naturalist intelligence which is included in the eight intelligence, where "IQ" can be simply summarized as a simple test which takes into consideration only logical and mathematical intelligence test.

What specific help can be given?

Through the Dermatoglyphics, we are able to find out:

  • Why are the children not interested in their learning?
  • The learning barrier because from the inappropriate stimulation and teaching
  • Why are the children always opposing to your
  • Why are the children so active, so stubborn, or why can they concentrate or sit still?
  • Find out the most appropriate way of teaching and communication

How accurate is the dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences test?

Dermatoglyphics is a professional industry that combines neurobiology, genetics, and embryology. Fingerprint patterns are not random. They are arranged according to individual genetic makeup.<br /> Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences tests is scientifically proven. Besides, the data acquisition process is computerized. Therefore, we can achieve an accuracy of more than 90%.striae formation and the formation of the brain are synchronized, all fetus in the mother's body in the first 13 weeks ~ the first 19 weeks. Medically clinically proven, striae, and the existence of multiple intelligences necessarily completely linked. The proponent of the multiple intelligences theory of Howard Gardner, Professor found that Multiple Intelligences exist in the brain system, and further identify the brain structures that are in charge of the intelligence area. Therefore, the sooner the child understands the situation of dermatoglyphics, we can inspire and help the child's multiple intelligence development as soon as possible.

How Will a Dermatoglyphics Assessment Benefit Me?

Every child possesses unique qualities and potential. If through scientific methods, we can understand a child's innate characteristicss and aptitude, we can better teach them. If one is naturally already strong, with more clarity, the strong gets stronger. However, if one is naturally already weak and then is not developed in later life/stages, one may lose that ability. As such, it is vital to give the accurate and right stimulation as soon as possible to avoid the deterioration of precious ability.

What Happens During a Dermatoglyphics Assessment?

All you have to do is place each finger on a machine which scans your prints. In less than a week you report will be ready for collection. The report will be close to 20-25 pages long. The first page of the report will indicate your innate learning potential and your peak hidden potential. It will also reveal what type of learner you are. Page two expounds on your learning style and mentions your key personality traits. Page three looks at your primary and secondary character traits as well as your parenting style (for those above 21). Page four looks at your strengths and your weaknesses and offers strategies on how to improve your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths. Page five and six looks at your multiple intelligence and offers career planning recommendations. The subsequent pages explain the science of dermatoglyphics, the human brain, and multiple intelligence.