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The interest-aptitude test is an ability test that measures specific competencies in multiple aspects. It contrasts the multiple skill sets and preferences present in a person. This gives an occupational profile to understand the varying facets and individual strengths and areas that need to be developed.

The teenagers of 8th-12th standard of CBSE/ICSE/IB/IGCSE and State Boards use the test to track their development across various facets. They understand their profile which helps them in taking care of major challenges like board exams, stream selection, entrance exams, and even college selection. The analysis and counselling list out various suitable options and allows the individual to start specialising their focus and efforts onwards the opted goals and targets.



For secondary school understudies, the entire time frame is characterized by a few life changing choices. There are a great deal of pressing factors, individual assumptions and future-situated ideas that one needs to manage. Considering something very similar, the Interest-Aptitude Test enjoys different benefits:

Subject selection
Subject determination

In certain sheets like ICSE, the interaction of subject determination starts at eighth standard itself. Moreover, every board requires the understudy to pick streams like humanities, business or science with discretionary subjects post tenth standard outcomes. Realizing the abilities created and development graph helps in settling on an astute choice.

social pressure
Prevalent burden

The greater part of the understudies at this age succumb to media publicity, parental assumptions and friend pressure. They regularly wind up after a group mindset and wind up settling on unfulfilling career decisions. Utilizing the aptitude - interest test, one can settle on decisions that are fair and appropriate

Parental Guidance
Parental Guidance

Guardians are the greatest allies and inspirations of their kid's excursion to progress and satisfaction. Henceforth, the career advising and the test utilizes devices to set the guide for both the guardians and the youngster.

SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis

A top to bottom comprehension of one's qualities and shortcomings clears route for mediation focuses and regions for development, which helps one in improving their scholastic exhibition by means of fitting investigation techniques.

Motivation and Results
Inspiration and Results

Self-comprehension and clearness of objectives keeps one focussed and decided. A few investigations have announced that having clear heading and career direction improves one's endeavors and execution rather than understudies who are confounded about their future possibilities.

Extracurricular Development
Extracurricular Development

As standard 8th-12th students require understanding of their talents, using the interest-aptitude test helps in dividing their time and energy effectively between several activities and give them the space to excel multidimensionally.

Awareness about career options
Mindfulness about career choices

Regardless of whether the understudy is on the State Board like SSC/HSC, a National board like CBSE and ICSE or an International Curriculum like IB/IGCSE, it is sure that one might not have investigated every single imaginable subject and careers on the planet at a particularly youthful age. Subsequently, the interest-aptitude test results permit one gander at the top career alternatives separately and get ready as needs be.

Planning for Higher Education
Making arrangements for Higher Education

It is broadly realized that any worthwhile occupation requests at any rate a college degree. Accordingly, schools comprehend that one necessities to plan in secondary school itself-picking the right subjects, tying down imprints to meet qualification measures and rank on merit list, dominate at selection tests and apply to great universities to get confirmation. The Interest-Aptitude Test and guiding is the route for that.

Academic Performance
Scholarly Performance

The consequences of the Interest-Aptitude Test is significant in understanding the current and surprisingly future difficulties. It along these lines gives an answer for the understudies to plan ahead and offset their #1 subjects with the ones bringing them down to get their optimal careers and add to their reasonable field.


The Interest-Aptitude Test can be taken in either an on the online or pen-paper mode in four basic ways:

Brainwonders interest-aptitude tests

The interest-aptitude test is in a numerous decision design and is coordinated (on the web or disconnected).

interest-aptitude test Evaluation

As a goal test, the contributions of the customers are scored utilizing normalized key.

Interpretation and report
Analysis & Results

The got scores are investigated to acquire a comprehension of the individual attributes and ability.

Career Counsellings
Career Counselling

The methodology finishes up with an advising meeting where a guide clarifies the report exhaustively and talks about work choices alongside legitimate ideas (on the web or disconnected).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Interest-Aptitude Test?

An Interest-aptitude test is a measurement of human interests and developmental araes leading to career decisions.

What are the advantages of an online Interest-Aptitude Test?

The Interest-Aptitude Test has been known to help in knowing one's likings, interests, areas of concern and provides a job profile.

What are the benefits of taking Interest-Aptitude Test?

The Interest-Aptitude test is mainly used to generate and guide a career profile for subject and course selection.

Can you take an Interest-Aptitude Test Online?

Yes! interest-aptitude test is available online for all age groups. One can register for and take the same via the Aptitude Test Official Website.

How effective is an Online Interest-Aptitude Test?

The online interest-aptitude test is highly accurate and well researched which allows one to make career decisions quickly with complete understanding of future prospects.

What are the advantages of an Online Interest-Aptitude Test ?

Interest test is one of the most time-tested and reliable test when it comes to the field of education and career. From selecting a job to achieving success in it- the online effective test answers many life queries.